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Lawncare Schedule of Services and Fees

Lawncare Schedule of Services and Fees

Chesbay Landscaping

Lawncare Schedule of Services and Fees

Date: 1/10/2021

Welcome to Chesbay Landscaping! We will strive to provide you with quality services. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with any part of the service we provide or you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (757) 542-0017. You may also speak to the crew leader directly; (s)he will be one of the lawncare technicians servicing your property.


To insure we are providing the quality of service you expect, when you receive your invoice, we will ask you one question- “Based on the service provided today, how likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Your feedback is private and will only be viewed by Jimmy, Chesbay Landscaping’s general manager. Your feedback is particularly important to us. Please take a moment to complete the survey to let us know how we are doing.


Our full staff work hard to maintain our scheduled service times. However, please know there are times when weather and other unforeseen conditions may hinder a crew’s ability to service your property as scheduled. Should this happen, your lawn is moved to a priority status for the next service spot.


Your billing is set for online invoicing. Please know there is a 3% online invoicing processing fee. If at any time you wish to change your billing, please contact our office at (757) 542-0017 and we will take action to provide the billing service that best fits your needs.


Also, you may be eligible for special discounts. We offer discounts to the following: Active-duty military, Gold Star Families, Seniors, First Responders, and the LGBTQ community. If you would like to see what discounts may be available for you, please call our office and we will be incredibly happy to set that up for you as well.


Thank you and we look forward to a happy business relationship with you.



Overgrown Lawn Charges

When requesting lawn maintenance service, it is especially important that the length of your lawn is accurately represented in your request. Chesbay considers grass that is 6+ inches in length to be overgrown. 

Overgrown lawns are fairly common in the outdoor service industry. The most common cases for a lawn to become overgrown results from a newly acquired property, a vacant property, an irresponsible tenant or sometimes life just gets too busy and our lawn is the last thing we have time for. All of these reasons are completely acceptable, and we are here to help you! 

When requesting service, you will be asked approximately how tall your grass is. Be sure to describe the height which best represents your lawn. By placing your order, you are pre-authorizing all necessary overgrown charges in order to service your lawn correctly and bring it down to a manageable length. Rest assured, photo evidence will always be required to ensure all overgrown fees are accurately accounted for.


Overgrown Pricing Tiers:

6”-12” in height the new rate will be +50% of the cut cost. If the cut normally costs $30, when approved it will cost $45.

12”-24” in height the new rate will be +100% of the cut cost. If the cut normally costs $30, when approved it will cost $60.

24” or taller in height the cut will be flagged as unserviceable and canceled. From here we will get you a quote to tackle the unruly lawn so that you can request future cuts with no delays.

So why exactly does Chesbay charge more for overgrown lawns?

Great question! Take this example: If red clay mud were to get onto the carpet of your car and cleaned up immediately, you will likely be able to pull all the red mud stain out, so it is no longer noticeable. However, if you were to let the red clay mud sit on the carpet, you will likely have to steam clean your carpet in order to completely pull out the stain. Essentially, waiting longer requires more work to achieve the same end result.

The same is true with your lawn. Overgrown lawns that have become unruly will need to be cut multiple times in order to bring them down to a manageable length. Simply lowering the mower deck and cutting an overgrown lawn once will not deliver an even cut. This process does not leave lawns nicely manicured nor would our customers be incredibly pleased.

Servicing overgrown lawns causes a considerably increased wear & tear on machines as opposed to servicing lawns that have been regularly maintained. Best practice in cutting an overgrown lawn is to cut it once with the deck at a high setting, cut it a second time at a lower deck setting, and repeat that process depending on how long the grass has become in order to achieve a finely manicured lawn post service.

Servicing an overgrown lawn can take two or three times as long to cut compared to a lawn that has been maintained properly. When a crew dedicates additional time to a property, the cost of labor also rises. The same crew could have taken care of three properties in the time it takes to service an overgrown lawn; like with any service, Chesbay’s pricing is modified to reflect that.

How can I avoid an overgrown charge? 

That is easy! Just make sure you are getting your lawn cut regularly. You live at your home, so you know your lawn better than anyone. Best practice is to order recurring service, so your lawn is well-kept all season long without having to think about it! Recurring customers who have been serviced by Chesbay within the previous week or two and do not skip service appointments will never be charged an overgrown fee.

But I have a recurring service, why did I receive an overgrown fee? 

Non contract clients have the ability to Skip service appointments an unlimited number of times and adjust their frequency during high and low growth times of the year. Abusing these features will cause your grass to grow wild resulting in extra charges.

Will I be charged a fee for canceling?

The following are scenarios in which a cancellation fee is charged:

1.       When a Service Crew is in route to your property, and the job is canceled, a $5.00 cancellation fee is collected.

2.      If the Service Crew has arrived at the property, and you have not canceled beforehand, a $10.00 cancellation fee is collected.

3.      If the Service Crew arrives at the property and determines the property is unsuitable for service. In this scenario a $10.00 cancellation fee is collected.

·         Examples include but are not limited to:

·         Aggressive dogs on the property

·         Excessive amounts of objects such as glass bottles, pet waste and other debris littering the property

·         Running sprinkler systems

·         Gate to access backyard is locked

·         If your lawn is burnt out / too short from the summer heat and cannot be serviced without causing damage. 

·         Excessive overgrowth

·         Improperly represented service request

·         Vehicles preventing access to the entire service area

What happens if I’m scheduled for a cut and it starts raining?

Luckily, all of our services are weather permitting. The last thing we want to do is damage your property because of poor operating conditions.

During weather events, customers who have made requests from within the affected area will be put on hold until conditions are suitable for the Service Crew to safely perform the work. In most cases our office will contact you and advise you of your new service date. However, you may always contact our office to see how long the delay will be.

If your property remains too wet to mow after the weather has passed simply Skip your service until the following week so we can service, the lawn when the risk of property damaged has been removed.

How much will it cost to have the lawn serviced?

Chesbay’s lawn mowing prices are calculated based on service area size measured in square feet (SqFt) - in addition to our base rate. Base rates can vary based on the demand in an area, our pricing stays dynamic to our customer and provider ratio.

Using an in-office program, Chesbay will calculate the size of your lawn in square feet. We will use this calculation to determine the cost for your service.

If you only need the front yard, or backyard of your property serviced, our base rate still applies to the cost of the service.

Snow Removal Services

Chesbay Landscaping offers pre-snow event treatments and post snow event removal services on an as needed basis or by contract. To schedule these services, contact our office at (757) 542-0017.


By scheduling services with Chesbay Landscaping the Owner agrees to pay all invoices for requested services and any additional fees upon receipt. If payment is not received with in two (2) days following completion of service, Owner agrees to pay an additional late fee of $25.00 for each week invoice remains unpaid. An overdue balance shall interrupt all services. All fees and the overdue payments must be paid before services of the Contract will be reinstated.

Service reinstatement fee

If services are canceled due to an overdue account balance, a $15.00 Reinstatement Fee will be assessed to the Owner’s account and must be paid before services can begin.

Returned Checks and Failed Credit Card Payments

1.       If a check is returned to Chesbay Landscaping as a result of a closed account or due to insufficient funds, Owner agrees to pay an additional fee of $250.00 civil penalty plus $50.00 processing fee and $35.00 (or current bank charge amount) for each return check. These charges shall be in addition to any late fees which may be due as a result of the returned check.

2.      If a credit card transaction fails at the time of processing, Owner agrees to pay an additional fee of $10.00 for each failed transaction.